A situational evaluation, also known as a Work-Site Evaluation, involves the placing of a person
in an actual work situation to assess their performance.


Situational assessments are commonly implemented in an environment that allows the evaluator to assess work behaviors, work tolerance, ability to follow instructions, work with others, etc. Situational assessments can also be used to assess specific work skills and abilities. Situational assessments are normally coordinated with a checklist that outlines the requirements of a particular job or career goal. This is highly effective in determining a person’s ability to perform the required skills.

On–the-job assessments with employers can be very useful for skills that are more difficult to assess in a testing situation e.g., cooking. In many ways, this is the best way to determine if a person can do a job.  On-the-job assessments are also useful to determine job readiness skills. Once a specific job or type of work is identified, specific job modifications, support services and/or assistive devices can be identified.