On-the-Job Training (OJT) is an opportunity for you,
the employer, to mentor a person living with a disability.

OJT is an excellent opportunity for both employers and job seekers. This specialized training helps trainees develop the skills needed to realize their career goals.

OJT helps people living with disabilities become familiar with the employment environment while gaining valuable work experience.

By participating in OJT, you have the
opportunity to see if the job is a good fit,
for you the trainee and the Employer, at

OJT is a federal-state program managed by Vocational Rehabilitation (VR). Clients’ skills increase through training in facility-based and community-based business enterprises. Upon completion, an individual is prepared to enter competitive employment.  

On-the-Job Training is an excellent way of preparing you
for success in the workplace.

JobWorx, a certified VR Vendor, will be the employer of record and is responsible for the trainee’s salary and taxes.
Workers Compensation is covered by Vocational Rehabilitation ( VR).


Benefits For The Company/Employer

  • The OJT program is free to all Employers!
  • Instruction provided on grooming, punctuality, attendance and other job readiness skills
  • Instruction provided on employment related responsibilities such as payroll deduction, insurance, retirement and other benefits and workplace safety
  • On-site assistance to the trainee with learning the new job tasks, understanding job culture and industry practices, and understanding appropriate work behaviors
  • Assistance with job carving (redesigning a current position to meet the needs of the employer and trainee)
  • Helping the employer and coworkers understand the training methods and accommodations needed by the trainee
  • Providing regular follow-ups with the employer, the trainee, the trainee’s family and/or other authorized representatives

Benefits For The Trainee

  • Earn a salary while training
  • Train in a desired field
  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Interact with employees through an integrated work setting
  • Prepare to enter the workforce
  • Providing additional support services needed to promote continued job success

Frequently Asked Questions About OJT

Q: How does the trainee get paid?
Trainees are paid by JobWorx.  The trainee’s manager/supervisor will sign a weekly time sheet for the trainee’s attendance which is submitted to JobWorx. Trainees are paid bi-weekly

Q: After OJT is completed, is the employer required to offer a job?
The employer is not required to offer a job

Q: How long does On-the-Job Training last? 
The average length of OJT is 6 to 12 weeks. Training length is based on employer needs, difficulty of the job, etc.

Q: How much does the trainee get paid? 
There is no set pay rate for OJT. Pay is determined by competitive job rates, but will be no less than minimum wage