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Samantha G Begins Her Life-Changing Journey with Her New Job

The job coach faced the challenge of establishing contact with the participant Samantha, despite many attempts.

Through sheer determination, the job coach finally met Samantha, forming a strong and meaningful connection. The job coach’s efficient and fun approach, along with his excellent coaching skills, quickly built rapport. The coach recognized the immense challenges she had overcome and felt compelled to make a difference for her.

As they explored potential opportunities, the job coach identified the perfect fit for Samantha in social services. Her enthusiasm for helping disadvantaged individuals was apparent, making it an ideal match.

The job coach introduced Samantha to a potential employer, and within a brief conversation, the employer recognized her experience and passion. The employer told Samantha, “You sound like an ideal candidate for this position, and I’d love to have you on the team.”

Samantha started her new job the following week, marking the beginning of a life-changing journey.

Scott Finds Motivation and Lands the Perfect Job 

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Amanda Persevered and Achieved Her Dreams



Amanda was faced with adversity and yet she remained passionate and continued to persevere despite her challenges. She was working at a job she was not happy with, one that did not fulfill her. Amanda always had an interest in fashion and wanted to pursue a career in the retail industry.

Amanda was introduced to her employment specialist at JobWorx. JobWorx worked with Amanda to update her resume and present Amanda with job opportunities in the retail industry. We addressed Amanda’s concerns about her new career path and was able to encourage her to hang in there. Her employment specialist was able to locate a perfect job for Amanda at a major retail store.

Amanda’s perseverance and determination helped her to achieve her goals. Sometimes, everyone needs a little support. With the help and guidance from JobWorx, Amanda was able to accomplish her goals and now has the tools to succeed in her career and in life.

Riley Finds Purpose Sharing Work with his Enthusiastic Coworkers

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Jazyn Lands his Mechanical Engineering Job

Jazyn’s dream was to work as a Mechanical Engineer for a major power and utility company. He graduated from FIU with a degree in Mechanical Engineering but could not find employment because his GPA was below the requirement.

Jazyn began working with his JobWorx coach, developing a plan to achieve his dream job. Still working at nights at a large logistics company, he started taking additional engineering courses during the day. His job coach set a goal for Jazyn to get A’s in those courses and bring up his GPA above the requirements for the job he was seeking.

Jazyn worked hard, studied relentlessly and was able to improve his scores tremendously. He also continued preparing for interview to show how serious and committed he was. Jazyn aced his interview and was offered the job. He is now working as a Mechanical Engineer for a leading power company with great benefits. Due to his determination and with the help from JobWorx, Jazyn achieved his goal.

Leroy Achieves Success on the Job

JobWorx helps people with disabilities find employment while providing one on one coaching and mentoring services. JobWorx helps people with disabilities get the help they need to live productive and happy lives. Leroy is an example one of those people that got that help.

Leroy was working for a large senior living facility in Vero Beach, FL and needed help to improve his productivity, his communication skills, and further his training and knowledge. Leroy applied through Vocational Rehabilitation and chose JobWorx as his provider.

Leroy’s job coach spent several days observing Leroy while he worked and made suggestions for improving his productivity and communication.

With the help of JobWorx, Leroy continues to maintain his employment. He no longer needs assistance on the job and was able to increase his work hours significantly. He now has more confidence and has signed up for culinary classes with his job coach’s encouragement. Leroy is on his way to become a chef!

Gina — Participant’s Mother
Couldn’t be Happier with Her Son Finding the Perfect Job

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Giovani’s Big Plans in the Fast Food Industry
Giovani is a young man with a lot of ambition. At his first meeting with a JobWorx job coach, he expressed he wanted to work in the fast food industry and wanted a job where he could advance. It was clear that Giovani had big plans. With the help of his JobWorx coach, Giovani gained the confidence he needed, and was offered a job at very successful fast food franchise. His JobWorx coach helped Giovani to not only receive a paycheck but showed him that he is able to achieve his life changing dreams. He is now extremely happy to work in a job where the location and environment is ideal, and the management is supportive. JobWorx helps people achieve success by listening to their clients’ needs, harnessing their abilities, and finding job opportunities that fit them. Even in tough times, when many people are losing their jobs, JobWorx can find their clients steady and enjoyable employment.

Jessica Finds Fulfilling Work that Changes Her Life


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Ryan was in search of his first employment opportunity when met his ES. Ryan desired to be employed at Publix, where he could interact with shoppers and provide them with excellent customer service. ES trained Ryan with interviewing skills and he was able to secure a position at a new store near the Aventura Mall. Ryan has exceeded the employer expectations and has received raises based on his outstanding performance. Ryan has been very grateful for the assistance received, as this position has improved his self esteem and the quality of his life.



Jamal Gets Excited When He Gets His Paycheck


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Claudia Finds Her First Job and is Happy to be Part of a Community


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David Gains Confidence and Accomplishes His Goals

David struggled with anxiety, which prevented him from securing a job, leaving him feeling insecure and hopeless. He had several internships, but none led him to a steady job. He turned to his Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) counselor for help.

Through all of David’s setbacks, his coach was there to help and guide him and make sure he never gave up. They spent many hours on David’s self-esteem, building on his confidence and on his presentation.

All the long hours and work paid off; his coach found him a job that suited him perfectly and David aced the interview. In fact, he was offered the job on the spot. There was great celebration as David achieved his goal.

David continues to keep in contact with his coach to maintain his confidence and to empower him. With the right support, David was able to find a job that he loves and thrives in.

Adam Finds Purpose Through Work that Changes His Life.


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